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2019 Pool Day Pass & Pass Packs Registration
05/25/2019 - 09/02/2019


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Waiver Statement:

DCH Waiver Statement & Pool Rules & Regulations

I understand that Dedham Community Association, Inc., also known as The Dedham Community House (collectively with its employees, directors,

other staff, members, contractors, agents and representatives, “DCH”), and other program participants assume no responsibility or liability for me for any accident, illness, injury or other harm to me, or for any loss, damage or other harm of or to personal property caused by (i) my negligence or negligence of others, (ii) risks inherent to use of any facilities and participation in any activity at or through DCH, or (iii) otherwise as a result of such use of facilities and participation in the activity. I carefully considered, acknowledge and assume all risks in connection with such use of facilities and participation in the activity, and I hold DCH harmless from any and all loss, action, claim, expense, damage and liability of every kind or nature, and agree to indemnify DCH with respect to all of the foregoing to the extent caused by my own actions or inactions.


-Every person must wear a clean bathing suit AND take a cleansing shower before entering the pool.

-Children who are not toilet trained may enter the pool if they are wearing swim diapers. Please take children to the bathroom frequently and change swim diapers often.

-All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times, regardless of swimming ability. The lifeguard is responsible for monitoring the pool area, but should not be viewed as a babysitter.

Glass bottles are not allowed on deck. Foodis also not allowed on the pool deck. Please use the pavilion area for picnicking purposes.

-The pool has a limited capacity set by theDepartment of Health. Lifeguards will begin rotation if capacity is reached.

-No sick or infected bathers are allowed inthe pool. No open cuts or wounds.

-All children under age 12 must take and pass the deep end test in order to enter the deep end.

-NO PLAYING WITH OR EXCESSIVE USE OF THE SHOWERS!! They are for rinsing off before and after swimming only, not for playing with. The shower bench is for handicap use only. It should remain in an upright position.

-No climbing the fence or otherwise usingany of the facilities for uses other than they are intended.

-If your children are playing on the stairs intothe pool, please be courteous to those trying to enter and exit the pool.

-All swimmers with shoulder length or longer hair must put it into an elastic or wear a swim cap.

-No swimmies, water wings or other inflatable devices are allowed. Life/swim vests and bubbles are ok.

-Only toys intended for a pool are allowed in the pool. No hard balls. No torpedoes. Nothing made of foam.

-No diving.

-No spitting.

-No rough play.

-No dangerous objects.

-No smoking.

- No alcohol.

-No running.

The lifeguards are in complete authority of the pool and enforcing the rules.

They are there for you and your child’s safety.

By checking the box I confirm to DCH that I am at least 18 years of age and that I have read, understand and agree to the foregoing.

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